History of Thai massage

History of Thai massageThai massage
Nuat phaen boran

is one of the oldest treatment of the human body still used nowadays.

The origins of traditional Thai massage come from India where 2,500 years ago lived a doctor Jivaka Kommarabhacca, the scholar of the well known practitioner Altreyy Jivaka who combined Ayuvreda and yoga with a great success so that he was called to the Magadha Kingdom to become a court doctor. There Jivaka met with the Buddha and monks. hHistory of massageThanks to long time experience and regular meditation he developed a completely new treatment combined with healthy diet, natural medicine, spiritual techniques and massage. After Jivak’s death his scholars continued in the body work treatments and the massages together with the Buddhism found its way to Thailand. Then, the rulers forbid massages provided in the newly established temples which actually helped to spread them. Wandering monks continued in practising and introduced the relaxation treatment among ordinary people. Later on, the royal court formed a scholarly style massage, which is a combination of medicine from India, China and Islamic tradition, but especially acupressure and Ayurveda. In addition to the codified type of medicine there is also a witchcraft, which is dying out in Thailand.History of Thai massage

In the middle of the 20th century, the traditional medicine together with Thai massage experienced crisis. The Thai pharmacies were offering drugs without a prescription and the Thais asked why exercise or go for a massage, if you can just get a relieve by taking a few pills. They re-valuated their attitude, when they noticed Americans and Europeans who were seeking what they themselves rejected for some time. The part in resurrection played even the government. Thailand provides free massage courses and in hospitals not only doctors but also traditional healers work.massage history Thailand

How is the Thai massage done

provadeni thajske masazeThai massage uses gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to relieve muscles and a tension of joints, tendons and feet, it stretches the spine and brings physical and mental relieve. Thereby it is different from regular massage which only works with muscles. The masseuses are using their thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet so that they could exert pressure combined with stretching and acupressure to unblock energy lines in your body and evoke harmony. Massage by itself takes place on a massage table (see the gallery), or on a special mattress. First, we start with the feet where are many reflex points which help to keep balance of the body system. 


Then we continue with legs, when the client in on their back, down to belly and upper limbs then the client changes to the position on their side and belly and we finish seated. Our professional masseuses will take you through whole procedure and they guarantee regeneration and rehabilitation of your body.

Types of Thai massages

Types of Thai massages

Thai massage, the traditional therapy known for more than 1,000 years, was originally practised only in Thai temples. The therapy includes treating of energetic fields and pressure and manipulative massage which deprives you of the muscle tension and pain.