Massage Prices

Price reduction

  • Back and Neck Thai massage
    400 CZK
  • Feet Thai massage
    300 CZK
  • Traditional Thai massage
    700 CZK
  • Oil Thai massage
    900 CZK
  • ROYAL THAI  1400 CZK

Best price of Thai massage

We provide these Thai massages

All our masseuses completed massage school in Thailand, completed final exams and have years of experience in the field.

Back and Neck Thai massage

Thai massage of back and neck is excellent when you need to release tension in upper part of your back. This massage is suitable when you have a sitting job as it is focusing on a stiff and sore back, neck, shoulders and head. This massage can relieve migraine pain as well as the feet massage.

Price:  500 CZK. Massage duration 30 mins.

Feet Thai massage

Feet Thai massage concentrates on the feet’s energy lines, which are connected to body organs. The massage includes not only feet, but also instep, stretching and release of all toes and also calf muscles. Reflective feet massage restores energy to all parts, lowers stress and brings deep relaxation.

Price:  400 CZK. Massage duration 30 mins.

Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage has a long tradition. Formerly, it was practised only by scholars in Thai temples, it includes elements of traditional Thai massage as well as Indic Ayurveda, which is one of the oldest healing treatment in the world. The client is dressed during this massage. The essence of Thai massage is knowledge of energy lines and reflexive points. These points are stimulated by forearm, palms, knees, heels and thumbs. The massage stimulation releases energy and helps from tension and pain.

Price:  900 CZK. Massage duration 60 mins.

Oil Thai massage

It is a softer way of Thai massage, which is enriched by the use of essential oils. This method is particularly suitable when treating muscle and joints pain. Essential oils having an impact on the body through skin and smell loosen your body and mind.

Price: 1000 Kč Massage duration 60 mins.

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